What do I need to know?

If the UK leaves without a deal, everything will change. We will no longer have tariff free or friction-less access to the EU Single Market or be able to claim EU origin or compliance for goods we export to non-EU destinations. We will effectively lose any preferential status deriving from EU membership and have to commence trading under so-called WTO rules, complete with relevant border controls.

This will affect:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Certification and recognition of standards
  • Labelling & health marks
  • Transport and logistics
  • Free movement and employment
  • Personal data transfer

This site provides quick links to a range of (UK and EU) Government advice, as well as the expertise of UK Food and Agriculture partner organisations, who are pooling their resources to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Many of the partner pages also contain check lists of actions which it may be helpful to consult before continuing to explore this site:

Will laws change in the UK on Day 1?

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 was done to provide legal continuity for EU laws in the UK, it enables directly-applicable already-existing EU law to be brought into UK law. It will also give the government some restricted power to adapt and remove laws that are no longer relevant. However a number of regulations will change because we will become a third country.

What should I do first?

Whatever you do, engage with your suppliers, customers and service providers to stay on top of emerging issues and familiarise yourself with the range of advice available from governments through the links below.

What help is available?


AHDB has prepared tailored guidance for agricultural produce at ahdb.org.uk/brexit
This also includes links to analysis and tools that farmers and growers can use to prepare for different Brexit scenarios.

NFU has produced a toolbox for its members in England and Wales giving guidance on Brexit: nfuonline.com/news/latest-news/member-exclusive-are-you-prepared-for-brexit/


Seafish have a range of tailored guidance:

Beef and Lamb

AHDB and The Andersons Centre have produced a Red Meat Brexit Impact Study: 

Pet Food

PFMA has produced a Brexit toolbox for its members: 

Packaging for food

CPI has provided some guidance 

Alcoholic drinks industry

WSTA are hosting a free seminar