Welcome to the BrexitFoodHub information site

Although the UK’s formal membership of the EU came to an end on 31 January, all existing trade, travel and regulatory arrangements continue to apply on a ‘business as usual’ basis while negotiations on a new future relationship take place under the terms of transition in the now ratified Withdrawal Agreement – see also the latest position as set out on the gov.uk website and the factsheet published by the European Commission.

New rules and procedures are expected to come into effect from 1 January 2021 – though most of these are still subject to discussion.

This site is therefore undergoing a period of maintenance in order to remove material that has been overtaken by events and to begin posting new information on what people and businesses now need to prepare for.

Government has already announced that it plans to introduce new import controls and a new points-based immigration system from the beginning of next year. It is also currently consulting on a new UK Global Tariff.

This site will be updated as and when further details become available.

We continue to welcome feedback that could help us to improve our site. Please send any comments or suggestion to feedback@brexitfoodhub.co.uk